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Regardless of which Department Of Defense (DoD) branch you should also consider full-time vs part-time as well the type of aviation career path.

Active Army
Army Reserve
National Guard Bureau
Air Force:Marines:

    Coast Guard:

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Reference Material
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Airline Transport Pilot(ATP) License Preperation
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Aviation Operations
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Professional Services
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Aviation Careers: Get the Latest news and Gouge for Each Company


  • Ready for Hire? These Airlines Are Hiring NOW!
    Timing is everything and this list of companies show you who is hiring and when they started there selection campaign. ...
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  • Major US Airlines – International
    Get the latest gouge of corporate profile, pay and benefits. With the majority of pilots scheduled to retire and a shortage of qualified pilots to pull from, you will find more opportunities to get...
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  • Major US Airlines – National
    Work within the United States with these major airlines and find a very rewarding career in aviation. See the latest gouge each Corporation overview, total pilots, union status, aircraft fleet, domiciles, pay scale...
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  • Cargo Air Carriers
    Get the latest gouge on cargo air carriers....
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  • Fractional
    Fractional Air Carriers ofer unique opportunity in aviation. Avantair CitationAir Executive AirShare FlexJet Flight Options NetJets PlaneSense XOJET...
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  • Regional Airlines
    Regional Airlines traditionally support building experience that prepare pilots to feed into the major air carriers. However, the pay has improved substantially and there are long term opportunities with quality company. Check out...
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Military Aviation Transition Center

pilot singlassesGet started converting your log book, building your resume  and more.

The process to transition from the military to a civilian carreer is a life changing event. Here you will find useful tools to transition easily to a rewarding second career in aviation. Check back for updates to follow. Read More